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We understand how important it is the have the kitchen or bathroom countertops of your dreams. Giving your guest the wow factor when entering your home is something we all take pride in. Stop by our showroom to see all the wide variety and extensive selection of stone we carry between Granite, Marble and Quartz. At 954Marble we only charge for what we cut, not the full slab.

Porcelain Fabricators | We Provide

Handy enough to handle your own project? We sell separately! Get some of the best semi-precious slabs in South Florida.

We Install Porcelain Countertops

Whether its yours or ours, we have a group of certified contractors that can provide a proffessional countertop installation

Porcelain Countertops Benefits

Porcelain is even stronger than the hardiest of granite. What’s more, it surpasses the strength of granite by 30% and does so at a much lower weight. Porcelain’s tough structure also makes it scratch-resistant. You can slice and dice food right on the countertop without worrying about your knives damaging the surface. Maybe stay away from cleaving meat directly on the counter though.

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Our Pricing

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling is a pretty important job. Pay the right people once and it will be a masterpiece that never needs tinkering.

Prices can fluctuate depending on the project. Ranges only gauge our typical client.

$5,000 - 40,000


Bathroom Remodeling

Turn this room into a centerpiece

Prices can fluctuate depending on the project. Ranges only gauge our typical client.

$1,000 - 15,000


Cabinets and Countertop Installation

Get a professional installation, along with the option to choose from our fine selection of materials

Prices can fluctuate depending on the project. Ranges only gauge our typical client.

$300 - 5,000


Happy Customers

"This is the type of service you can expect from a company that's been around for over a decade. These people actually love the art behind their jobs, seen their work on my friends' countertop and had to get in touch. Finish is always brilliant, highly recommended!"

Tristen T.

"Pure professionalism here... My kitchen countertops were done so fast, I was expecting nothing but a few flaws. Favorably, these guys did a great job and I cannot complain at all! They can email me anytime to leave another testimonial and I will for sure!!!"

Jason D.



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